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Search is an international conflict transformation NGO that aims to transform the way individuals, groups, governments and companies deal with conflict, away from adversarial approaches and towards collaborative solutions. Headquartered in Washington DC, USA, and Brussels, Belgium, with 52 field offices in 29 countries, Search designs and implements multifaceted, culturally appropriate and conflict-sensitive programs using a diverse range of tools, including media and training, to promote dialogue, increase knowledge and determine a positive shift in behaviors. Women, peace and security is a strategic priority for Search. We seek throughout our programs to strengthen women’s roles as peacebuilders and civil society leaders, to prevent GBV, and to engage both women and men to work towards greater women’s empowerment. Search began working in Sudan in 2009 and has focused on two main objectives: strengthening local capacity for conflict transformation and peacebuilding, and supporting community actions for peace and reconciliation, with a focus on actively engaging and empowering marginalized groups, especially women and youth, to develop alternatives to cycles of violence and raise their voices for peace.

The Project:

Search is implementing a project to strengthen women and youth’s capacity and credibility to contribute positively to peacebuilding in South Kordofan. This project will build the skills that women and youth will need to lead on peace and reconciliation initiatives and begin to shift community perceptions as to their roles in the community. In coordination with local partner Badya Centre for Integrated Development Services (Badya), this project will also provide economic empowerment activities to women and youth to support their more effective and sustainable engagement on peace and reconciliation initiatives. Search will also work with journalists from El Obeid radio station to promote the project’s messages and success stories to the wider community. 
Search for Common Ground (Search) is seeking a consultant who can evaluate the link between our program in South Kordofan and the empowerment of women and youth. Approaching the end of our 32-month program, we are primarily interested in the changes in women and youth’s capacity and credibility to contribute positively to peacebuilding as well as community perceptions regarding their role in the community. We want to explore the specific outcomes of our project using the outcome harvesting methodology – the consultant should therefore have experience in outcome harvesting and his or her proposal should include a plan to conduct a final reflection outcome harvesting workshop and prepare a final report. 


  • An inception report detailing the outcome harvesting methodology, workshop and timeline;
  • An outcome harvesting workshop; supervision and participation in the outcome harvesting workshop;
  • A draft outcome harvesting report in English, for review by Search staff and partners;
  • final outcome harvesting report in English (15 pages max in length, excluding appendices) consistent with Search branding and standards for evaluation;
  • Two significant change stories (each between 1-2 pages), to be submitted with the final outcome harvesting report.
  • Final presentation of the work to Search staff and partners, powerpoint in English and Arabic
  • All original data (raw data files, transcripts of workshop, photos taken during workshop) submitted to Search.


  • Prior knowledge of using outcome harvesting as an evaluation methodology;
  • Proficiency in English and Arabic (written and spoken);
  • More than 5 years of experience in project evaluation, including collecting data in interviews, surveys and focus groups;
  • Experience in conflict analysis and working with justice and civil society sectors;
  • Experience working with international organizations;
  • Familiarity and experience with contextual challenges in the geographic location(s) where the outcome harvesting workshop will take place. 

To apply, interested candidates (individuals or teams) are requested to submit the following two documents:

●      Curriculum vitae;●      A technical proposal proposing a methodology for the outcome harvesting and plan for the workshop together with a financial proposal for the completion of the aforementioned deliverables and a short cover letter.
Note: Only two documents can be submitted, so the technical and financial proposals must be combined, along with the short cover letter.

Application deadline: 9 May 2021

As job descriptions cannot be exhaustive, the position holder may be required to undertake other duties that are broadly in line with the above key responsibilities.
—————————————————————————————————–Only applicants invited for an interview will be contacted. No phone calls please. Please see our website for full details of our work.
All Search Employees must adhere to the values: Collaboration- Audacity – Tenacity – Empathy – Results. In accordance with these values, Search enforces compliance with the Code of Conduct and related policies on Anti Workplace Harassment, Protection from Exploitation and Abuse, Child Safeguarding, Conflict of Interest and Anti-fraud. Search is committed to safeguarding the interests, rights, and well-being of children, youth and vulnerable adults with whom it is in contact and to conducting its programs and operations in a manner that is safe for children, youth, and vulnerable adults.
Search for Common Ground does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.

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