Head Doctor (NOC)1 – WFP


Job Description

OrganizationUnited Nations World Food Programme 
Job TitleHead Doctor (NOC) 1
Requisition ID157305 
LocationSudan – Khartoum
Posted Date07/02/2022
Proposed Pay LevelSC 10

Organizational Context and Role:

This job is located in a Country Office (CO). Head Doctor report technically to the Staff Health Advisor and administratively to the SUMAT Project Manager, Sudan CO.

Duration of Employment:

6 months

Job Content:

While establishing new clinics, the Head Doctor will work in synergy with the Project Manager to:

1. Establish pharmaceutical and medical supplies supply chain.

2. Establish appropriate procurement channels to ensure the clinics are completely and adequately stocked with pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and medical supplies

4. Establish the clinical networks for referrals to specialists particularly in Nyala

5. Establish agreements with the local medical facilities for testing services.

6. Support the recruitment of GPs, Nurses and Business Support Assistants.

 Once the SUMAT clinics are established and SUMAT is operational, the

1. Ensuring evidence-based patient care and practice in line with Medical Professional Standards and deontological norms in all SUMAT clinics;

2. Providing consultations to WFP and then to other UN agency employees and eligible family members, as needed;

3. Undertaking entry, periodic/exit medical examinations, Driver’s examinations, and other clinical activities related to Medical Administrative actions required by WFP/UN agency Medical Services;

4. Managing patient referrals appropriately and providing follow up/case management for the referrals, in conjunction with the Chief Medical Officer and other UN agency Doctors, as necessary, considering referral to all available and appropriate qualified specialists and consultants in Sudan and abroad;

5. Coordinating and ensuring highest level of patient care with WFP/UN agency Doctors including weekly peer review of clinical cases

6. For epidemiological purposes, reporting to the Staff Health Advisor on at least monthly basis:

a. cumulative diagnoses seen b. diagnoses per each clinic location c. diagnoses per contract type

  1. diagnoses by gender e. diagnoses for employees and for family members f. diagnoses by Organization (when applicable) g. Other cumulative diagnostic reporting as needed
  1. Maintaining excellent communication and regular meetings with the SUMAT Project Manager and the WFP Staff Health Advisor;
  2. Coordinating with the SUMAT Project Manager to implement recommended actions and improvements;
  3. Coordinating with the SUMAT Project Manager a patient data system for booking and insurance purposes;
  4. Being responsible (with assistance of the SUMAT Project Manager and the rest of the medical team in Darfur) for all aspects of patient feedback through surveys, feedback mechanisms, complaint, suggestion & compliment handling;
  5. Coordinate with the SUMAT Project Manager for the purchase of medicines and consumables on a regular basis;
  6. Ensuring security for pharmacy/medical supplies and equipment in storage areas in accordance with local regulation;
  7. Participating in Campaigns on health promotion (e.g. healthy lifestyle, stress management, etc.) and injury and illness prevention (e.g. use of personal protective equipment, personal precautions for the prevention of transmissible diseases, etc.) through employee and family member briefings, in newsletters and when requested by WFP Project Manager;
  8. Securing and protecting confidential patient information by recording all consultations in –their private medical record system – without sharing any patient information with UN agency except the minimum necessary for medical evacuations, emergency care or referrals;
  9. Ensuring that all SUMAT Doctors secure and protect confidential patient information by recording all consultations in Electronic Medical Records system without sharing any patient information with UN agency except the minimum necessary for medical evacuations, emergency care or referrals;
  10. Tracking and report data on clinical service utilization on monthly basis in coordination with SUMAT Project Manager;
  11. Being available for regular working hours, travel is required with rotations to each clinic location for a week. After work hour support required only exceptionally;
  12. In the case of medical evacuation and medical travel, providing clinical information to the Chief Medical Officer, other WFP or UN Doctors;
  13. Liaising with the Country Office or Regional Staff Counsellors for employees/family members requiring their intervention or attention;
  14. Additional tasks as required.
Capability NameDescription of the behaviour expected for the proficiency level
PurposeUnderstand and communicate the Strategic ObjectivesUtilizes understanding of WFP’s Strategic Objectives to communicate linkages to
team objectives and work.
Be a force for positive changeProactively identifies and develops new methods or improvements for self and immediate team to address work challenges within own work area.
Make the mission inspiring to our teamIdentifies opportunities to further align individual contributions with WFP’s mission
of making an impact on local communities.
Make our mission visible in everyday actionsHelps colleagues to see the link between their individual tasks and the
contributions of their unit’s goals to the broader context of WFP’s mission.
PeopleLook for ways to strengthen people’s skillsIs able to identify, support and encourage focused on-the-job learning opportunities to address gaps between current skillsets and needed future skillsets for WFP.
Create an inclusive cultureRecognizes the contributions of teammates, and encourages contributions from culturally different team mates to recognise the value of diversity above and beyond just including it in programming for beneficiaries.
Be a coach & provide constructive feedbackProvides and solicits ongoing constructive feedback on strengths and development opportunities to help develop individual skills, whilst also helping others identify areas for improvement.
Create an “I will”/”We will” spiritSets clear targets for self and others to focus team efforts in ambiguous situations (e.g., unprecedented issues and/or scenarios).
PerformanceEncourage innovation & creative solutionsThinks beyond team’s conventional approaches to formulate creative methods for delivering food aid and assistance to beneficiaries.
Focus on getting results
Maintains focus on achieving individual results in the face of obstacles such as volatile or fragile environments and/or organizational roadblocks.
Make commitments and make good on commitmentsTakes personal accountability for upholding and delivering upon team’s
commitments and provides assurance to stakeholders
Be DecisiveDemonstrates ability to adjust to team’s plans and priorities to optimize outcomes in light of evolving directives, while also responding quickly in high-pressure environments, such as in emergency settings.
PartnershipConnect and share across WFP unitsDemonstrates an understanding of when and how to tactfully engage other units in conversations on impact, timing, or planning.
Build strong external partnerships
Networks regularly with key external partners using formal and informal opportunities to understand each partner’s unique value proposition, and to build and strengthen relationships.
Be politically agile & adaptableDemonstrates ability to adapt engagement approach in the context of evolving partner circumstances and expectations.
Be clear about the value WFP brings to partnershipsDemonstrates ability to articulate to internal and external audiences the value that individual contributions and immediate teams bring to partnerships.

Minimum Qualifications


Advanced university degree (Doctorate, Masters or equivalent) in Medicine or demonstrably equivalent studies from a recognized institution. Registration as a General Practitioner in the country of origin is required.

Additional training or certification in emergency cases management will be an advantage.


  •  Minimum five (5) years of progressively responsible professional post graduate experience relevant to the field is required.
  • Experience either working in a hardship location under very difficult and insecure environments is an asset.

Desirable Knowledge and Skills:

• Specialist expertise in the assessment and treatment of medical health needs and the assessment of future health risks.

• Demonstrated skills to create a trusted environment in which patients can talk confidentially.

•Ability to manage medical emergency situations with limited resources.

• Excellent clinical knowledge and skills.

• Excellent communication skills (oral, written and presentation).

• Analytical ability

• Ability to communicate effectively with people of both genders and diverse national and cultural backgrounds.

• Skills in designing and delivering trainings/information sessions on a number of subjects and ability to adapt those to different audiences.

• Time management.

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