Health and Nutrition Officer – ACF International


Health and Nutrition Officer/ South Kordofan – Ghadeer/5000

Duration : 12 Month
Start date : ASAP

You’ll contribute to ending world hunger by …

Background of Action against Hunger

Action against Hunger is a non-governmental, non-political, non-religious, non-profit organization, which was established in 1979 to deliver aid in countries throughout the world, having worked in over 50 countries so far. The aim of Action against Hunger is to save lives by combating hunger and diseases that threaten the lives of vulnerable children, women, and men.

AAH established in Sudan in 2018, AAH is currently assisting crisis – affected populations in Central Darfur, South Kordofan and White Nile states of Sudan with emergency intervention and / or nutrition-sensitive integrated program. In South Kordofan and White Nile, Action against Hunger implementation partner is CAFA and JMCO in Central Darfur.

While carrying out its activities, Action against Hunger (AAH) respects the 6 following principles:

Independence: Action Against Hunger acts according to its own principles to maintain its moral and financial independence. Action against Hunger’s actions are not defined in terms of domestic or foreign policies nor in the interest of any particular government.

Neutrality: A victim is a victim. Action against Hunger maintains strict political and religious neutrality. Nevertheless, Action against Hunger might denounce human rights violations it may witness, as well as obstacles put in the way of its humanitarian action.

Non-discrimination: Action Against Hunger refutes all discrimination based on race, sex, ethnicity, religion, nationality, opinion or social class.

Free and direct access to victims: Action against Hunger demands free access to victims and direct control of its programs. Action against Hunger uses all means available to achieve these principles and will denounce and act against any obstacle preventing it from doing so. Action against Hunger also verifies the allocation of its resources to ensure that the resources reach those individuals for whom they are destined. Under no circumstances can partners working together with or alongside Action against Hunger become the ultimate beneficiaries of Action against Hunger aid programs. .
Professionalism: Action Against Hunger bases the conception, realization, management and assessment of its programs on professional standards and its years of experience to maximize its efficiency and the use of resources. .
Transparency: Action Against Hunger is committed to respecting a policy of total transparency to beneficiaries, partners and donors and encourages the availability of information on the allocation and management of its funds.

Headquarters location: Paris, France


JOB TITLENutrition and Health Project Officer
No. of post vacancies1 position 
Main place of workSouth Kordofan  
Area of intervention Ghadeer 
Direction / DepartmentNutrition and Health

Responsible to / Reporting to

Hierarchical Line Manager: Program Manager-Nutrition & Health

Functional Line Manager: Program Manager-Nutrition & Health

Organizational Context

Hierarchical Line Manager: Program Manager-Nutrition & Health

Functional Line Manager: Head of Department –Nutrition & Health

Internal relationProgramme Managers (other AAH sectors), logistics department, finance department, human resources department & MEAL departments
External relationRepresentatives from GoS, international and local implementing partners, UN & (I) NGOs, LNGOs etc
Gross salary 1,100 USD subjected to Tax and NSI
Ending Date28 February, 2022 (1 year contract)

Areas of Work

  • Implementation project activities as designed, proposing as necessary concrete solutions to improve verifiable impact, appropriateness, efficiency, effectiveness, coverage, coherence, sustainability and contextual transversal issues (gender, HIV etc.)
  • Understanding the  other Action Against Hunger programmes, 
  • Enforce technical monitoring and reporting  tools, including close follow-up of programme indicators
  • Build Capacity of health facility and Local NGO staffs
  • To liaise and coordinate with other stakeholders (government/ non-government and international organizations) in area of intervention

Qualification / Level of Study

  • Master degree in Nutrition /Public Health/ Medicine/ /Nursing Science with experience in training, capacity building, and programme management with special focus on Nutrition and Health Program.

Skills required

Necessary experience:

  • At least 3-4 years’ work experience in field of Health and Nutrition (CMAM, IYCF, ICCM, Maternal and Newborn Health..) 
  • Working experience with local implementing partner and government health system is required
  • Out of which at least 1-2 year experience in Programme management particularly in emergency context 
  • Out of which at least 1 year involvement in organizing and facilitating of trainings and capacity building (courses/trainings on health & nutrition related topics).
  • Experience in conducting Health/  SMART nutrition survey  specially is a plus.

Necessary skills:

  • Good organization skill and ability to work in a team.
  • Experience in capacity building of local staff.
  • Good communication skill and ability to coordinate with multi sectorial partners/ stakeholders. 
  • Team-building and training skills
  • SMART Survey conduction experiences
  • ENGLISH:  Good in     report  writing  and     fluent  in spoken
  • Good computer skill (Microsoft office: Word, Excel and Power point)
  • Arabic: Excellent written and spoken

General Resources

Office, vehicle, Computer,


To contribute to the reduction of mortality and morbidity caused by undernutrition and hunger .


  • Code of Conduct and Principle Chart
  • Protection against sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA) Policy
  • Prevention and management of harassment cases and labor conflicts
  • Child protection policy
  • Gender policy
  • Security Document-Data protection policy
  • Transparency Policy
  • Anti-corruption policy


  • PEN AAH-E (National Strategic Plan) and ISP AAH (International Strategic Plan).
  • Mission strategy
  • AAH Theory of Management
  • Values and principle chart
  • Deontology Code and Ethic Committee
  • Feedback Mechanism Protocol
  • Donors Guidelines
  • Kit Log, Admin Procedures, HR Procedures
  • Internal Regulations
  • Action Against Hunger Code of Conduct including Principles
  • Security plan

Key activities in your role will include


The overall objective of the post is to develop and ensure the implementation of the project in order to achieve the results in accordance with the project proposal.

Mission-1: Make sure the standard quality of Emergency Operation program in the field 


  • Ensure implementation of standard treatment protocols in the field and centers
  • Supervise the quality of health and Nutrition service provided through different level of health facility (CMAM, ICCM, IYCF, Maternal and Newborn health, immunization, epidomoligi …) .. 
  • Contribute for community mobilization strategy 
  • Increase access and coverage of health and nutrition services through identification of barriers and enablers in the community structure
  • Identify the needs for training of different categories of Government and partner staff in the program.  
  • Ensure appropriate referral mechanism is in place between community and health facility, with in components of CMAM (SC, OTP,SFP, IYCF ) and between nutrition and health services (ICCM, MNH)
  • Actively participate and facilitate training sessions for different categories of staff 
  • Conduct Follow-up after training and Technical Performance review meeting using standard tools
  • Set quality bench mark and monitor activities based on standard tools
  • Plan and execute regular supervision in health facilities and LNGOs
  • Conduct regular review meeting with partners and stakeholder 
  • Report timely to the program manager if any problem related to the quality of nutrition program.

Mission-2: Make sure facilities have functional infrastructure and have adequate supplies 


  • Contribute in development of mission standard drug list based on set of health and nutrition protocols
  • Provide timely request order submission for food and non- food items, medications in collaboration 
  • Ensure the proper utilization of food & non food items, drugs and therapeutic products according to the standard protocols in nutrition and health program.
  • Ensure proper stock management at field level for food, nonfood and medications and provide technical support to implementing partner to ensure the quality of stock management.
  • Provide adequate job aids, reporting and monitoring tools, guidelines for health facilities
  • Assess problems with facilities infrastructure and recommend solutions (Water, electric..)
  • Report timely any problem related to the supply chain and utilization of food, non-food and medications in nutrition program to the program manager.

Mission-4: To ensure that appropriate reporting system is in place


  • Make sure that Facility focal person are using standard reporting formats.
  • Make sure that daily, weekly and monthly record of beneficiaries (admissions, cured, defaulters, death, transfer, gain of weight, length of stay, etc) is in place and staff of nutrition program is able to fulfill efficiently.
  • Collection, compilation and analysis of the monthly reports from nutrition program (Screening and referral, OTP, SFP, IYCF, Stabilization centers, ICCM, MNH) and submission to the program manager. 
  • Provide technical support to Technical Coordinator-Nutrition of implementing partner for ensuring quality of the program and data management.

Mission-5: Ensure good Coordination, communication and collaboration with all the partners at field level


  • Establish good working relationship with all the partners ( MoH, LNGO, INGOs and UN agencies) at field level
  • Represent ACF at state level nutrition sector meetings and provide updates for program manager
  • Timely communication of program related progress with partners.
  • Ensure proper communication, collaboration with other Action against Hunger programs and support functions (Food Security, WASH, administration and logistics) at field level.
  • Conduct regular meeting with Local NGOs
  • Follow health and nutrition situation at field level and provide information on opportunities for new project development  

Mission-6: Proactively support ACTION AGAINST HUNGERs commitments to gender equality, child protection and disability sensitivity 


  • Read and ensure a full understanding of Action Against Hunger’s Gender Minimum Standards & Child Protection Policies, asking questions and/or for support when necessary
  • Implement all work related activities with a gender, disability and child protection lens, taking into account the different needs, concerns and ideas of our staff and beneficiaries
  • Ensure the incorporation of gender equity principles in all policies and activities
  • Encourage the participation of all genders in meeting and on committees
  • Help build an inclusive office environment where people do not feel disadvantaged or judged according to their gender or limited due to manageable disability.  

Action against Hunger is committed to preventing any type of unwanted behaviour at work such as but not limited to sexual harassment, sexual exploitation and abuse, lack of integrity and/or financial misconduct; We expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment through endorsing our code of conduct and other related policies and only those who share our values and code of conduct will be recruited to work for us.

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