Senior Finance Officer – MCE


Job Description

Position Title:Senior Finance Officer
Duty Station:Khartoum – with frequent field visits
Salary Level:Grade 3
Closing Date:17/07/2021


The Mercy Corps Finance Department is responsible for all finance functions in Sudan, including accounting, payments and banking, payroll, budgeting, financial reporting, and grant financial management and compliance. The Mercy Corps Finance Department ensures compliance with donor regulations as well as Mercy Corp’s internal policies and procedures. In its role as a support to the Program Department, the Finance Department provides timely reports and assistance to the Finance Director and the program teams to ensure that financial resources are used efficiently and effectively.


Working in the Finance Department under the direct supervision of the Finance Sub Gants  Manager, the finance sub grants senior Finance officer is responsible for sub grants management, monitoring and reporting and compliance with donor’s regulations and Mercy corps regulations, review and monitor sub grants and sub grantees to ensure spendings are in compliance with the terms and conditions of the sub grant agreement. He/she is also responsible for tracking subgrants and sub grantee requirements and for maintaining all sub grants and partnerships finance files. Tracking compliance and compliance trackers for the grant.


  1. Conduct sub grant pre-award assessment and recommends for substantial involvements  and compliance requirements and midifications to the sub grant agreement and/or monitoring plan to lessen financil and compliance risks.
  2. Draft local sub grantees agreements, review and folkiw up sub grants agreements.
  3. Particpate in sub grantees budget development and reviw sub grants detailed budgets.
  4. Follow up , collect and review sub grantees financial reports and fund requests , keep up-to date record and report all sub grantees financial status. Review sub grantees financial reports for correctness , completeness, timeliness  and compliance.
  5.  Preform sub grantee monitoring visit for financial and programmatic  deliverables  review or audit and report  findings with recommendation to the supervisor  communicate agreed  upon findinge to the sub grantees and follow up its implementation .
  6. Handle sub grants close -out  ensuring that all requirements of the sub grant agreement have been met and that sub grant funds have been properly settled.
  7. Follow up all grant compliance issuse and document all required information .
  8. Provide on-going training and support to sub grantees and Mercy Corps program and finance staff on Mercy Corps and respective donor’s rules and regulation.
  9. Closely monitor sun grants to ensure that sub grantees are not overspent .
  10. Create sub award card in navigator and update all milestones and expenditure in navigator
  11. Review and updeate sub BVA or monitoring report from navigatotg and share with the relevant managers and departments.
  12. Maintain sub grantees tracker and update monthly . Share the  updated tracker and lisr .
  13. Review contract/ partnerships  and maintain /assist in maintaining and updating the contracts /partnerships tracker .Distribute monthly  tracker for projection and related use.
  14. Review and track all sub grants and grants/budget purchases and contrats other commitmen .  Updnors the contracts and communicate monthly .
  15. Folow up VAT regulations for the VAT/DUTY taxes exemptions, reimbursements and reporting to USG and other donors as  per their specific requirements.
  16. Ensuring donor regulations are adherred to for alk aspects of the opeeations
  17. Maintain all donor and sub grant files and ensure they are well labeled , fully updated with all contracts, submitted reports, governing clauses and all other relevant documents.
  18. Participate in procurement or contracts biding and other procurement processes when ever required.
  19. Be adaptable and flexible to take board new assignments as requested from time .
  20. Ensure compliance with GAAPs, Europe and US law and standerd accounting practice.
  21. Conduct himself /herself both professionally and personally in such a manner as to bring credit to Mercy Corps and  to not  jeopardize its humanitarian mission.
  22. Assist other finance functions when ever need arises.
  23. Any other tasks to be assigned by the supervisor.


Sub Grants Senior Finance Officer 


REPORTS DIRECTLY To: Finance Director

WORKS DIRECTLY WITH: finance staff, program  Heads, support Heads, support Heads(Logistics &Human resources), and other MC Staff.


  • A BA/s or  equivalent in accounting  or finance is required.
  • 6 years experience in grants, financial , partnership and contracts management .
  • Adequate understanding of donor rules and regulatiins is required.
  • Three years international NGO/USG experience is required.
  • Demonstraed experience and skill with budget preparation and analysis, financial reports preparation and presntation and proven ability to translate technical data into informative reports.
  • Strong accounting skills and experience, including management of the general ledger, journal entries , payables and balance sheet.
  • Prior sub grants mgt and audit experience.
  • Advanced computer skills in MS Office programs, particularly Excel
  • Prior management experience and strong organizational skills.
  • Excellent oral and written English skills
  • Willing to travel regularly to Mercy Corps and sub grantees field offices and project sites approximately 35%


An ability to support programmatic objectives with timely and meaningful financial information is essential. A demonstrated ability to multi-task, meet deadlines, and process information in support of changing program activities is necessary. An impeccable professional standard of finance and procurement ethics as the willingness and ability to enforce compliance with Mercy Corps and donor policies and procedures is essential.


Mercy Corps is a global non-governmental, humanitarian aid organization operating in transitional contexts that have undergone, or have been undergoing, various forms of economic, environmental, social, and political instabilities. 

Why was Mercy Corps created?

Our mission: to alleviate suffering, poverty, and oppression by helping people build secure, productive, and just communities. In more than 40 countries around the world, over 5,600 team members work side by side with people living through poverty, disaster, violent conflict, and the acute impacts of climate change.

Where is Mercy Corps based?

Portland, Oregon, U.S. Mercy Corps is a global non-governmental, humanitarian aid organization operating in transitional contexts that have undergone, or have been undergoing, various forms of economic, environmental, social, and political instabilities.

Application should be submitted before 17 of July 2021 to Labour office, Khartoum Al Jamahiriya Street

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Senior Finance Officer – MCE
Senior Finance Officer – MCE

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