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Job Description

Organization:World Health Organization
Job Title:Consultant (Sudan/ Khartoum) Pay Band level B – (2102030)
Grade:No grade
Contractual Arrangement: External consultant
Contract Duration (Years, Months, Days):6 months
Job Posting:09/05/2021 4:00:13 PM
Closing Date:18/05/2021 12:59:00 AM
Primary Location:Sudan-Khartoum
Organization:EM_SUD WHO Representative’s Office, Sudan

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  1. To Support Federal Ministry of Heath on developing National Policy for WASH at health care facilities and facilitate the endorsement workshop in Sudan/Khartoum.
  2. To support and facilitate the training workshops for health care provider, WASH officers and cleaners from 12 health facilities at 9 states on improving the quality of health care through WASH at health care facility (WASH FIT) and the best practices of infection control.


The term “WASH in health care facilities” refers to the provision of water, sanitation, health care waste management, hygiene and environmental cleaning infrastructure, and services across all parts of a facility. “Health care facilities” encompass all formally recognized facilities that provide health care, including primary (health posts and clinics), secondary, and tertiary (state or national hospitals), public and private, and temporary structures designed for emergency contexts (e.g., cholera treatment centers, COVID-19 Isolation centers…etc).

Major gaps in basic water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services is reported in the Global Progress Report on WASH in Health Care Facilities: fundamentals first in 2020  by WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP) , one third of health care facilities do not have required tools and facilities for hands cleaning at the point of care; one in four facilities (1.8 billion people) lack basic water services, 10% have no sanitation services and one in three facilities do not segregate waste safely.

The importance of WASH at health care facilities action was prioritized at the UN Global Call for Action 2018 and the important role WASH plays has been recognized in preventing infections, saving lives, and improving quality of care. Therefore, the basic WASH services are considered as fundamental to provide quality health care while the current existing WASH services do not meet the standards and the availability of WASH services, especially in secondary, and tertiary facilities, where it is often absent.

Sudan is one of the countries that do not report the national basic services due to lack of related quality data. During the last years, the country has faced different large scale of disease outbreaks which challenged the health system capacity including WASH in health care facilities, therefore the need for developing national policy for WASH at health care facilities is a clear priority.

  1. Planned timelines

From: 1 June 2021 | To: 1 Dec 2021.

  1. Work to be performed

Output 1: Develop a national policy for WASH at health care facilities.

Deliverable1.1: Carry out desk review for the available national strategies and standards.

Deliverable1.2: Identify the governmental and private stakeholders and partners.

 Deliverable1.3: Hold meetings with different stakeholders and partners to discuss and build consensus on the current situation and agree upon the values, goals, and overall policy directions.

Deliverable 1.4: Conduct astructured national situational analysis report of WASH in healthcare facilities

Deliverable 1.5: Set the country priorities based on a situation analysis and the national assessment for WASH at HCF which will be carried out by WHO simultaneously compared to the expectations and needs of the country to build the argument.

Deliverable 1.6: Develop the national operational plan with estimated budget to implement the national health policy.

Deliverable 1.7:Develop the monitoring and evaluation framework to measure the implementation progress of the national policy.

Deliverable 1.8:Present theNationally endorsed policy for WASH at health care facilities.

  1. Finalize the national policy for WASH at health care facility.
  2. Facilitate & coordinate with FMoH the national endorsement workshop.

Output 2:Develop and conduct training for Health workers at 12 health care facilities on WASH pillars on improving the quality of health care through WASH at health care facility (WASH FIT) and Joint Monitoring Program indicators (JMP).

Deliverable 2.1: Develop national training package for WASH at health care facilities.

Deliverable 2.2: Train different health workers from 12 health care facilities on WASH pillars (how to maintain the acceptable situation, best practices, infection & prevention control, the importance of using PPEs…etc).


Deliverable 2.3: Conduct basic training for WASH officers and cleaners at 9 states (12 health care facilities)

Deliverable 2.4: Conduct one day workshop for medical providers to increase awareness about the medical waste management and best practice for infection control at 9 states (12 health care facilities).

  1. Specific requirements

Qualifications required:

Master’s degree in public health.

– Experience required:

At least seven years of experience in Water Sanitation and Hygiene promotion with experience in health policy development.

– Skills / Technical skills and knowledge:

Competency in word, excel, PowerPoint, data analysis and report writing.

– Language requirements:

Excellent knowledge of English.

  1. Place of assignment

Sudan / Khartoum

  1. Medical clearance

The candidate will be required to provide good health/ fitness certificate from a recognized practitioner.

  1. Travel:

The candidate will be assigned to carry out training workshops in different 8 state.

Travel dates

From15 SeptTo1 December


Blue Nile, W.Kordofan, S.Kordofan, Northren, Red sea, River Nile, C.Darfur, N.Darfur and E.Darfur.

Purpose:Conduct training workshops on WASH pillars at 8 states

All travel arrangements will be made by WHO – WHO will not be responsible for tickets purchased by the Consultant without the express, prior authorization of WHO. While on mission under the terms of this consultancy, the Consultant will receive subsistence allowance.

Visas requirements: it is the consultant’s responsibility to fulfil visa requirements and ask for visa support letter(s) if needed.

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